Temperature dependences of (a) conductivity σ and (b) Hall constant Rh in B = 8 T magnetic field for current flow along (1) the a axis and (2) the c axis of b-P bulk crystals. Insets: (a) σ(Т) at T ≤ 15 K and (b) Hall carrier concentration for the single-band model.

  Part of: Kharchenko AA, Fedotova JuA, Slabukho VYu, Fedotov AK, Pashkevich AV, Svito IA, Bushinsky MV (2021) Electrical and galvanomagnetic properties of black phosphorus single crystals. Modern Electronic Materials 7(4): 127-139. https://doi.org/10.3897/j.moem.7.4.78587