Diagram of trichlorosilane synthesis by direct chlorination adopted at Wacker [22, 29]: 1 is fluidized bed reactor, 2 is cyclone separator, 3 is filtering system, 4 is AlCl3 separator, 5 is condenser, 6 is chlorosilane mixture container, 7 raw metallurgical grade silicon particle, 8 is fresh HCl feed, 9 is silicon dust container, 10 is AlCl3 container, 11 is effluent gas separator, 12 is recycled hydrogen, 13 is silicon waste.

  Part of: Jarkin VN, Kisarin OA, Kritskaya TV (2021) Methods of trichlorosilane synthesis for polycrystalline silicon production. Part 1: Direct synthesis. Modern Electronic Materials 7(1): 1-10. https://doi.org/10.3897/j.moem.7.1.64953