Schematic of equipment for input control of yellow PL in heterostructures: (1) test heterostructure specimen, (2) UV LED with focusing system, (3) glass lens for PL focusing onto photodiode, (4) silicon photodiode, (5 and 6) two interchangeable PL filters for 530–550 and 340–360 nm, respectively, (7) mirror behind back side of test specimen for reflecting PL radiation from back side of test specimen to lens 3 and photodiode 4, (8) UV photodiode power system, (9) system for recording signal of PL receiver 4.

  Part of: Gladysheva NB, Gruzdov VV, Kolkovskii YuV, Kontsevoy YuA, Pevtsov EF (2019) Control of yellow photoluminescence in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures. Modern Electronic Materials 5(2): 87-89.